​Children's Birthdays
Birthday Parties
Slay the dragon, fight the pirates, solve the puzzles, avoid the traps, work together to survive and triumph! Dungeons and Dragons is the ideal game for a birthday party, all members of the group are needed to achieve goals and the only limit is imagination. It doesn’t matter if you are the smallest kid, or the slowest kid, or even the shyest kid, give a child a character sheet and they come alive! People will role play different personalities than their own, and will try things they would otherwise be afraid of when assuming a persona. Dungeons and Dragons has a host of cognitive/social benefits for children, encouraging cooperation, socialization, problem solving and mathematical skills.* Watch as they play a brave knight or a brilliant wizard, and defeat their enemies through strength and smarts!

​*see the "sources" page for links to articles discussing the cognitive/social benefits of Dungeons and Dragons.
What You Do:
1 - Provide the venue and any food and drink.
2 - A table of some kind is required, as well as chairs for all participants + the Game Master.
3 - If you are booking a venue it is important to remember that Dungeons and Dragons is a game where the participants talk to each other pretty much the whole time, so it can’t be too loud.
What We Do:
Dungeons and Dragons is a table top role playing game. Players assume a character role, like wizard, warrior or thief, and these characters form an adventuring party.  Each character has a set of abilities and items that allow them to explore the game world and fight monsters. The Game Master “plays” all other characters and monsters in the game, and provides the party with challenges and goals to achieve. Players and the Game Master roll dice to determine the outcome of various actions (e.g. attacking a monster, disarming a trap, finding a hidden door), and the Game Master narrates the results.
We provide each player with dice, and if they have opted for pre-generated characters, a character sheet and illustration.
2-hour game, 8 people max: $200
4-hour game, 8 people max: $400
6-hour game, 8 people max: $600
Each Additional Hour: $100
If your group is larger than 8, email us for pricing.

To book a game please fill out the form on the Booking Page .