Dungeons and Dragons As A Team Builder
Paintball, escape rooms, axe throwing, wilderness retreats… there are many options available to you to treat your team to a reward or help them work through on the job tensions.

No activity is a better fit for this than Dungeons and Dragons .

Role playing is recognized by psychologists as a method for bringing out new or unrealized aspects of people’s personalities. People frequently come out of their shells while role-playing. What better way to discover the internal dynamics of a group of employees than to put them together in a challenging situation where they need their wits and initiative? The accounting staff isn’t getting along? Send them out dragon hunting and see how they come together. Maybe when Frank from accounting is a knight and leading the team he might show skills you didn’t know he had (or even he did not know he had…)
Tactical thinking, cooperative play, communication, resource management, problem solving, Dungeons and Dragons challenges even the most successful group and can provide a unique and exciting evening for your team.

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