How Do I Book A Game?​​
Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and provide the booking date, the number of players and their ages and we will contact you to arrange a consultation where we tailor the game to your group.
Consulations can take place over the phone or in person and take 15 min to 1/2 an hour. In person meetings occur at one of the three Snakes and Latte's locations in Toronto:
600 Bloor Street West
489 College Street
45 Eglinton Avenue East
A similar venue may be used if preferred, just let us know what is convenient.

Why Should I Pay Someone to Run a Dungeons and Dragons Game?
Dungeons and Dragons   along with a subset of other Table Top Role Playing Games are unique in that they require a referee to run the game. There are hundreds of pages of rules for the game, and mastery of the material takes a great deal of time, mastery of it at the table takes experience. Why not let someone else do that work for you, and give you the advantage of a skilled and experienced Game Master?


What version of Dungeons and Dragons do you run?
Early edition, “Old School”... Stranger Things style, the Dungeons and Dragons that was brewed in the high school basements of a generation of players, who learned the rules pre-internet and played with pencil and paper. “Old school” early edition Dungeons and Dragons is deadly, fast paced and fun. Good role playing games transcend edition, but early edition Dungeons and Dragons has a particular flavor to it that has never been imitated.

 Do I Create a Character at the Game?
It’s up to you. If it’s your first time playing it’s generally better to use characters that we provide, as character generation can take up an hour for large groups. When you fill out the game reservation form it will ask a series of questions that will help us give you fun, vibrant characters to adventure with. If you decide on a pre-generated character you will be provided with a picture of the character, a short background and a name.

How Difficult will it be if I've Never Played Before?
Because there is a Game Master, Dungeons and Dragons can be played by people who have never played a role playing game before, or someone who has played it for years. We will tailor the game to your needs.

What Are the Basics I Need to Know for Game Day? 
1. No phones at the table.
2. You may be "in character", or not, as is your preference.
3. No abusive behavior towards the Game Master or any player at the table will be tolerated.
4. The Game Master’s rulings stand.
5. Bring your imagination.

What Happens if my Character Dies?
When a character dies we have two options, the Game Master can assign a new character on the spot, or you can create one (approximately 15 min). However, if your group is competitive, you are welcome to play “cutthroat” Dungeons and Dragons, and anyone who dies is out of the game. This is NOT recommended for younger players.


How Can I Learn More About the Game Before I Play?
Visit our Resources Page for a selection of videos that discuss the game and how it is played. If you are interested in the studies that support the claims of cognitive/social benefits to the game, see our Educational Benefits page.


To book a game please fill out the form on the Booking Page .