Gaming Seminars

Do you want to learn how to run your own games? Learning on your own is an option, but it is a long, complicated process, it is much better to learn from someone else. The learning process has been broken down into three one on one seminars to get you gaming as soon as possible.

Black Dragon Games offers three seminars, four hours each, to give you the basics of game mastering so you can create your own adventures, run games, and even run a long-term campaign.

Seminar 1 – Running a Game - Setup
Dungeons and Dragons is a “top heavy” game, with a lot of advanced preparation in order to ensure smooth gaming at the table. We will review basic game mechanics like: saving throws, hit points and initiative, character generation methods, the creation of encounters and the placement of monsters and treasure, Non-Player Characters and more. We will also discuss gaming concepts like balance (old school Dungeons and Dragons is *not* “balanced”), the class based nature of Dungeons and Dragons , “sandbox” versus “railroad” games, etc.

Seminar 2 – Running a Game – At the Table
The dynamics of role playing games at the table are best learned through experience, in this seminar you will be guided through the execution of a scenario at the table, learning how to manage multiple players, how to maintain atmosphere, how to set an engaging pace, how to describe encounters in the right amount of detail, etc. When run properly Dungeons and Dragons is “immersive”, the game world becomes vibrant and “real” enough that it takes on a life of its own, there are methods to improve immersion for your players. Most importantly, a good Game Master must be able to improvise, you can’t predict everything, and we have plenty of tricks and tips that can help with improvisation.

Seminar 3 - Running a Campaign
Individual games are one thing, but once you are ready you can host a regular game, which will introduce a whole new set of challenges. Long term gaming strategies will be discussed in this seminar, we will look at player investment in long-term characters, experience point mechanics for campaign play, maintaining an ongoing stable of non-player characters and developing a wider game world that will bring your game depth and excitement.

Each Seminar is 3 hours - $300 + $50 per additional person

To book a game please email and indicate you are interested in a seminar.