Camp Dungeons and Dragons
Gaming Camps
Before Black Dragon Games came to be I ran an impromptu summer Dungeons and Dragons camp for my son and his 7 friends who wanted to try out the game. I’ve been running them every summer since, and there is nothing else like it.
Black Dragon Games is proud to continue this tradition, offering summer camps and March Break camps for kids! Single adventures are fun, but Dungeons and Dragons is an ideal way for kids to spend a week together. Gaming goes from 9am to 4pm, lunch is included as part of the cost. With more time to develop the adventure, players can experience greater challenges, or adventure through one of the iconic “old-school” Dungeons and Dragons modules that have inspired so many to play. The ROM and Harbourfront currently offer summer camps for Dungeons and Dragons , recognizing the game’s positive impact on cognitive skills, social development and communication. Weeks fill early so book soon!

To book a game please fill out the form on the Booking Page .